Preparing Your Quilt

The key to a successful quilt is in the planning and preparation. Before submitting your quilt for longarm machine quilting, please make sure that your quilt is ready to be quilted.

  • There are no loose threads, either front or back 

  • The quilt top is fully pressed.  Press as you go for best results. 

  • The last seams on the borders are backstitched.  If not, they can be pulled apart when stretched on the quilting machine

  • There are no premarkings with “non-erasable” marking materials.  The quilting machine will not be able to follow these lines exactly and the markings will show. 

  • There are no basting threads

  • There are no straight or safety pins in the quilt 

  • There are no pre-finished edges 

  • There is sufficient batting and backing to attach to the quilting machine. Longarm quilting requires a minimum of 8" extra on each side for the batting and the backing.   EXAMPLE:  If your quilt is 70” wide, you will need 86” of batting and backing.

  • There is no binding attached 

  • Pin a note on the quilt to indicate the TOP of the quilt, both front and back, if applicable.  Some patterns aren’t necessarily obvious.